60 years experience is our pride

Welcome to Magma industrial group

Nowadays , Magma industrial group by more than 60 exprience , in stone ground of this country is recognized as one of the most exprienced and oldest stone factories of the countries . They are always insist on the scientific and targetive methods to promote the qualitative level of their stone productions .

How to order Magma ?

How to call Magma?

Call us every day and every time of day " easy and fast "

+9821 56235851 and +98912 1039691

Central office`s number "from 8 am to 6 pm"special number "from 7 am to 12 pm"

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Magma project picture

Darband tower
Magma travertain tile , special fit for the floors , sleek and impressive with the best polish

Darband tower
Saadat abad project

Saadat abad
Magma travertain , high-quality and special for building exponent with unique design